As of the 21st April Google have specified that your website needs to be ‘Mobile Friendly’?

Google want all websites to be “Mobile-friendly”, which means that your website should be able to be viewed no matter which type of device you are using.

To some of you this may mean that because your website loads on a mobile device that you’ve ‘passed’ their test. This isn’t the case?

Read on to find out more…

If your site isn’t  optimised for mobiles, tablets etc, then Google confirms that you will still show up in search results, but you will appear much lower down in the rankings.

The first thing to do is to check if your website passes their mobile-friendly test… click on the link below and add your URL i.e. www.my-website.co.uk


If your website doesn’t pass, there are plenty of options.

Contact ALS Designs TODAY so we can help you to make Google happy and keep your site at the position it needs to be. 🙂

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Published on 30/01/2009 by in ALS Web Hosting


Rule changes from domain registry’s have meant that on the anniversary of
the domain renewal, the registry cuts off the domain pending payment for the
next year.

Your host will give you prior notice to the renewal and will probably try to call and
email you personally for each one. If you find the domain has lapsed, simply
logging into your secure control panel system (if you have one) and paying for the domain on
your card, will instantly renew the domain and continue with your website
and email access.

For domains ending in uk, like .co.uk etc, there is a small grace period
after the date of renewal, but the domain can also be released by the
governing body (of which we are direct members) to the general public for
re-registration from 1 to 180 days.

If you want your domain DON’T leave the renewal open to domain hi-jackers
and either secure it for discounted 5 year blocks or renew in plenty of

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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Published on 30/01/2009 by in ALS Web Hosting


A client of mine unfortunately fell fowl of the domain name renewals scam today – but because we look after our clients we were merely informed and not caught out.

I now feel obliged to inform ANYONE about these scams… this is the deal!

Because of the requirements of law, your name and address usually is searchable for the legal owner of the domain name, and as such various companies use this information to send you a renewal invoice when they have no control or administration of your domain.

This could be in the form of a letter or email, so please be aware they are bogus and are a scam, these include companies called Domain Regsitry of America and Oxford Domains etc

Please note: YOU SHOULD ONLY pay your host for the renewal of any domain / domain related service as they look after YOU and YOUR company.

If in any doubt do not hesitate to call or email your service provider.

Never, ever, oblige these letters or emails as they are only after your domain name and your money!

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